We believe that there is no fixed approach and every project we take on is unique and has different needs depending on the business requirements, and the organisation culture. Hence, instead of listing our "theories" over ridiculous countless of pages just to try to impress you, let us briefly show you the unique cognitive approach we embrace.

-The Propagate Signature Touch

General Ingredients:

► You (Client, preferably with decision making authority)
► A Fantastic Idea/Wish that has potential positive impact on your business
► Us (Vendor with refreshing abilities to transcend your ideas)
► Open Mindedness, Trust, and Mutual Respect


1. Understand thoroughly your business processes and the idea/problem.

We analyse and capture the essences of your project needs, be it branding/design, deployment environment, desired connotations etc. We pick your brains FIRST (it is your business after all!), working together with you to literally think out of the box.

2. Gather your requirements in detail.

This is the “dry” part, where we really sit down and explore your needs and wants in full detail.
Think: functionalities, work processes, multi users/roles, system administrator controls, reports etc.

3. Streamline the necessities.

The realistic side of things. Discard what we don’t need (Must haves VS Good to haves) and consider alternatives and workarounds depending on budget.

4. Confirm and Implement solutions.

Once we are sure what we have to do, we will usually use the prototyping approach to give a functional sneak preview of what we intend to build before we get fully down and dirty. This not only allows you, but also others in your organisation to supplement helpful feedback.

5. Continuously Improve on the go.

Just like how you would not know be able to know how your favourite glass of wine taste like to the others, no two users experience of a system is the same. We strongly believe in the concept of improving our systems on the go while we roll it out in phases. This not only affirm the thoroughness of the system, but also opens up doors for future enhancements.