At Propagate, we operate in concise teams for maximum effectiveness. Our diverse skill sets are highly complementary of one another, bringing out the best of your projects needs. Meet some of our key staff, the very professionals that will engage and work with you.

Steven Chew
Cofounder, Project Director

Steven Chew is the Human–computer interaction (HCI) specialist of the team. He possesses strong project management experience, with clients ranging from large multi-national companies, locally listed companies, government & statutory boards, and small and medium enterprises.

Steven also served as a technology consultant and had various involvements in the interactive media field. He has developed a keen eye for details, and his technical knowledge is complimented by diverse exposure to fields such as Communication Studies, Linguistics, and Psychology.

Steven is a closet Heavy Metal fan, and writes rave concert reviews on facebook. He is also an aspiring photographer and graduated with a Double Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and Arts (Cognitive Science, Communications & Cultural Studies) from the University of Queensland, Australia, receiving multiple Dean’s List Awards across all three majors of studies.

Hento Ong
Cofounder, Technical Director

Hento Ong is an expert in the field of web technologies. He is a seasoned programmer and is considered a veteran in software development field with a vast experience in various systems development.

His outstanding résumé include works on content management systems, feedback & auditing systems, payment & billing systems, logistics & accounting systems and many more. All these experiences have grant him not only the ability to develop systems thoroughly, but also the expertise to architect and conceptualize systems from a “top-down” perspective.

While not exploring new technologies, He enjoys playing basketball, and taking a relaxing dip in the pool. He believes in the simple and enduring philosophy - "Work Hard, Play Hard." He graduated from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia, with the outstanding achievement as the top student of his cohort in the Information Technology Bachelor Degree program. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD).

Professor Ho Yew Kee
Chairman, Board of Advisory

Professor Ho Yew Kee currently heads the Department of Accounting of the NUS Business School.

Professor Ho serves as the Chairman of Propagate’s Advisory Board. He specializes in corporate finance, accounting regulation, the use of creative accounting, earnings management and financial reporting. He is involved in feedback on development of latest regulations in the areas of companies law and accounting regulations. He also teaches finance especially valuation using accounting numbers and valuation and risk characteristics of firms. He has published in numerous finance and accounting journals, including practitioners' journal.

Dr. Ho is a Fellow of the CPA Australia and a Singapore CPA. He also holds the CFA certification. He serves on the Board of several not-for-profit organizations.

Mark Huang
New Media Consultant

Mark Huang is Propagate’s New Media Consultant. He has various experience working in the digital entertainment sector, designing and programming web applications. He has an international education history and has recently returned from a year of working stint in San Francisco. His core skill sets include Java, Oracle PL/SQL, C/C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Mark is skilled in the use of the jQuery Javascript Framework as well as MooTools. He is an advocate of Pylons, a Python web framework. He also has strong experience in the use and customization of Plone content management system.

Mark is a self proclaimed snooker addict and graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering.

Sue Ann Teo
Multimedia Designer

Sueann Teo is Propagate's Multimedia Designer, specializing in web, graphic, and motion design. She has work experience from various production houses, and also has a great portfolio in terms of new media design.

Sue has a dream of one day being a National Geographic photojournalist, and claims to be a nature lover at heart. Sue holds a Bachelor in Multimedia Design from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.